New eyes

December 29, 2018

Every person you encounter in a day, is an opportunity for you. 
A smile. 
A kind word. 
A moment of connection. 
A chance to love. 
This morning I was in the studio and Sabrina walked in. She was dressed in a blue dress like all the girls in her group of friends. She came in to tell me goodbye as she was leaving to the celebration of life for her friend Drew. He took his life Christmas Eve. I stood up and I hugged my daughter tight before she walked out the door. And reminded her how much I loved her. 
Life is precious. 
Love is priceless. 
And when we decide to see the world as moments where we can show up and LOVE greater, that’s how we change the world. One person knowing we love them at a time. 
And the person we all must begin with is ourselves. 
We have to learn to be kinder to ourselves. Then we are kinder to others. We have to learn to see the best in ourselves, so we can see the best in others. Believe in the worth of ourselves, so we can see the worth in every person we meet. 
I think it’s time to shift our focus to what’s possible. And love makes all things possible. 

12x16 Original Mixed media 
Titled “new eyes”
“Open your eyes my child and 
behold the wonder and beauty of all you now see- always remembering, to trust your new vision and embrace the magic in your eyes.”



Brands, Styling, Photography